Dishing it out – feedback

Filmmaker Tony Comstock goes contrarian on Contrarian:

We’ve had a smattering of inbound links from the Dish going back to his days at Time, and our experience is that a link from Andrew Sullivan doesn’t generate the volume of inbound traffic, or the cash, it used to. Not nearly.

Whatever Tina paid Andy, I think he was smart to take it. I think he’s selling while his stock is high, and with more downside than upside. Business is, after all, business.

I’m not sure. One of the highest traffic days in Contrarian’s short history came fon an inbound link from the Dish — to Rosie the beagle’s obituary. ┬áNews stories about the Dish sale speculated that Andrew’s blog accounts one-quarter to one-third of’s traffic.

The decision to sell does seem to have been all about money, a topic on which Andrew’s conspicuous silence continues.