The Jimmy Carter of former MLAs?

Keith_Bain_full_0 Jimmy CarterjpgContrarian’s friend and neighbour Valerie Patterson was in the North Sydney liquor commission Wednesday, picking up supplies for Darts Night at the Ross Ferry Volunteer Fire Department. She was surprised to find our recently defeated MLA, Keith Bain, a member of the United Church, staffing the Salvation Army kettle. Why? He had heard the Sally Ann was having trouble finding members to staff the kettles. So he volunteered.

Perhaps in “retirement,” Keith will do for MLAs what Jimmy Carter has done for former U.S. Presidents: find ever more imaginative outlets for his leadership and compassion.


Just a setting on the washing machine

“To love someone,” wrote Jean Vanier, “is to show them their beauty, their worth, and their importance.” That can be a tall order, but a few Halifax members of the Asperger’s Syndrome Parents’ Empowerment Network give it a good shot in this short video, produced by Halifax filmmakers John Hillis, Michael MacDonald, Caley MacLennan, Kimberlee McTaggert, Andrew Starzomski, and Amy Spurway:

H/T: Valerie Patterson