Election environment debate online

crest-logoCREST Halifax has uploaded  a video of last Tuesday’s all-party debate on environmental issues, which was sponsored by the Ecology Action Centre.

The video of the two-hour debate is divided into 10 segments. Unfortunately, they are not annotated, so contrarian can’t point you to the particular segments where Howard Epstein tried to defend the NDP’s plan to subsidize coal-fired electricity, the many places where Green Party deputy leader Brendan MacNeill oversold the concept of feed-in tariffs for wind power, and the spot where the NDP, the Greens, and the Liberals all but nixed the proposed Donkin coal mine.

Environment-buffs may want to watch the entire debate, which was thoughtful and respectful, under the gentle guidance of moderator Jack Julian of CBC Radio.

CREST’s YouTube channel promises a growing library of videos loosely related to  sustainable transportation. Already up are talks on peak oil by economist Jeff Rubin, and the smart grid by Christine Woerlen, former head of the German Renewable Energy Agency, oft-cited by environmentalists disappointed in Nova Scotia’s pace in adopting renewable energy.