CBC weather panic — Steve Murphy weighs in

CTV Anchor Steve Murphy writes:

Cindy Day-sHave you had an opportunity to watch Cindy Day’s very measured approach to forecasting these recent storms?  Cindy constantly stresses that tropical cyclones are extremely difficult to predict with precision, especially when they are several days away.  Her forecasts employ likely and anticipated storm tracks and include ranges for rainfall and wind speeds.   A review of last week’s coverage would confirm that Cindy Day’s prognosis for Hurricane Bill was remarkably accurate even several days ahead of time.  Our news coverage of the arrival of the storm focused mainly on surf conditions and danger from the waves. There are several good sources for weather information in Nova Scotia but we believe Cindy Day’s forecasts on CTV are the most consistently reliable.

It was CBC Radio that peaked contrarian‘s ire. Steve’s point (or Cindy’s) about the unpredictability of tropical cyclones is right on the money. This raises the question why we insist on talking about these storms five or six days out.