DeAdder on the vanishing cartoonist-lifer

Mike deAdder writes about the lot of cartoonists in a era of declining newspapers. Moneyquote:

In 1967, Canada’s Centennial Year and the year of my birth, Terry “Aislin” Mosher, Canada’s pre-eminent editorial cartoonist began his long illustrious career after graduating from École des Beaux-arts in Quebec City. He started at The Montreal Star in 1967, then transferred to The Montreal Gazette in 1972. To this day, he still works for The Gazette.

The great Roy Peterson, who retired this year, always called The Vancouver Sun his home, as did The Edmonton Journal’s Malcolm Mayes, the Calgary Herald’s Vance Rodewalt, and The Province’s two cartoonists, Bob Krieger and Dan Murphy…

deadder-daily news closesI began my career in 1997. A short 12 years ago. In my career, I’ve worked for The Saint John Times Globe (now defunct), The Saint John Telegraph Journal, The Halifax Daily News (now defunct), The Moncton Times & Transcript, The Fredericton Gleaner, The National Post, and Metro Canada… eight newspapers in 12 years.]

Ironically, deAdder wrote the piece for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Ottawa’s Hill Times, the one paper where he has worked steadily for 12 years.