The Old Hen – a moral authority and a role model

Christian Lüdde of Germany, who worked as an assistant at L’Arche Cape Breton in 2002 and 2003, writes:

I… was fortunate to live [in Janet Moore‘s residence].

Jenn and Janet-250

Jenn Power and Janet Moore

I very much appreciate the way Jenn kept us informed on Janet’s state and I also appreciate the very appropriate words you found to briefly describe Janet’s impact. You are right, it is hard to overstate her impact on L’Arche Cape Breton and many individuals like me. Janet was nothing short of a moral authority for me, a role model that I slowly learned to accept. So I thank you for your article and try to think that remembering somebody like Janet makes me sad, but really should make me smile and feel warm in my heart. Because this is her legacy.