During Lorne Grabher's fight to overturn Nova Scotia's ban on his vanity license plate, the Registry of Motor Vehicles grudgingly revealed to the court a list of 3,128 words it has banned from license plates. To foster greater understanding of the work done by Nova Scotia's dedicated civil servants, I reproduce the list here.
Former CBC Radio host Ian McNeil was disappointed in the answers to his question. In a conversation with contrarian, he called the response of his own MLA, Premier Rodney MacDonald, patronizing.
He said the point of the act was to make people like me feel safe in my home in Lake Ainslie. But it's precisely because this can happen to a guy in Sydney Mines that I don't feel safe in my home in Lake Ainslie.
[Last week, CBC's Joan Weeks reported here and here that a Sydney Mines man with no drug convictions was living in his car after being evicted from a home after neighbors complained of drug activity in the house.]