david-croft-sDavid Croft, Green Party Candidate in Dartmouth South-Portland Valley, hopes to get 500 votes. He blogs about the pressure to pretend he can win the riding, where the 2003 Green Party Candidate won 308 votes to New Democrat Marilyn More's 4493. Moneyquote:
I count lying as manipulation... [T]his is what I would be doing if I stood in someone’s door and said to her face I could win. And it would be that most awkward kind of lie, because both of us would know it was a lie and neither of us would want to say it. Me, for the shame of having to admit such a thing, and her, because it would cut precious nanoseconds off in her attempts to close her door in my face.

At St. Francis Xavier Church on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, parishioners pray to God using the Malay word 'Allah,' even though the Malaysian government has banned use of the word by non-Muslims. The government argues that letting Malayaia's two million Catholics call their God 'Allah' could confuse young, unsuspecting, rural Muslims, perhaps even misleading them to convert. The BBC reports that the church has asked the Malaysian High Court to rule that it can use the local term. [Hat tip:  BT] ...

When Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of New York's Hyden Planetarium, re-categorized Pluto as one of many small, icy, irregularly orbiting bodies at the outer edge of the solar system, he got hate mail from third graders. As recounted in an interview with D.J. Grothe of The Skeptical Inquirer magazine, the episode says a lot about what's wrong with the way we teach science in grade school. [Hat tip: Silas.] ...

Via Twitter, David MacRury objects to my contention that the benefits of Liberal and Tory promises to trim the corporate tax rate on the first $400,00 of taxable business income "wouldn’t flow exclusively—or even mainly—to small businesses, or even to companies with small profits."
You're being misleading- the majority of the benefit goes to small business.
When Flygbussarna, a Swedish airport bus company, wanted to drive home the environmental superiority of riding buses to the airport, it commissioned a 300-tonne ad.

50 crushed cars = one effective bus ad

The Acne Advertising group assembled 50 junked cars into one bus, which it placed along the road to Sweden's largest airport. The resulting sensation raised environmental consciousness even as it slowed airport-bound traffic to a crawl.

. Flygbussarna added a live video cam of the "bus," counted the cars passing the site, and calculated the amount of carbon that would have been saved had motorists taken the bus instead of their cars. It's an inspired campaign, but it also demonstrates why can't have rational discussions during Nova Scotia election campaigns. If a pol here dares even to hint at an inconvenient truth, reporters and rival politicians pile on like pirannas.

Stephen McNeil and Rodney MacDonald both promise to cut the Small Business Tax. McNeil would slash it from five percent to one percent immediately. McDonald would cut it from five to 2.5 percent over three years, starting in 2011.

The Liberal Platform

There's one big problem with these promises. Nova Scotia doesn't have a Small Business Tax. It does have a corporate income tax, and that tax is progressive. It levies a lower rate on the first $400,000 of taxable income, and it's this rate the Liberals and the Tories would cut. The benefits of these cuts wouldn't  flow exclusively—or even mainly—to small businesses, or even to companies with small profits.

Contrary to popular belief, the busiest section of  Nova Scotia highway awaiting twinning is not Route 101 or 103, but Route 125, the Sydney Bypass. This circumferential  highway connects the communities of industrial Cape Breton. It runs from the TransCanada 105 at Sydney Mines to the Sydney-Glace Bay Highway. Its most heavily travelled section includes a roughly four-kilometer stretch that narrows inexplicably and dangerously to two lanes at Ball's Creek, before widening to four lanes at the Coxheath interchange. From time to time, seemingly always in election years, heavy equipment appears and spends a few weeks removing trees or scruffing overburden, only...